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Looking for your eyelashes but better? Look no further because Rera is the one for you! These light and lovely lashes were created with super thin fibres and a delicate design, making it the perfect lash for everyday work and play!


We know you will love this lash because it is:

  • Perfect for daily wear
  • Named after a beautiful woman who inspires
  • Handmade with delicately layered luxurious fibres
  • A universal yet unique style that will suit multiple eye shapes
  • Durable and long-lasting, 20+ wears
  • Flexible which makes it easy to apply and beginner friendly
  • Comfortable on the eyes
  • Versatile and customisable





‘I just want everyone to see themselves and see beauty. If there is something I can create or information I can share to get that message across, I’m going to do it!’

Roseline Olatutu, Founder